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Got Hip Pain? This Could Be Why

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Hip pain has many causes, from arthritis, labral tears, stress injuries, to referred pain from another source such as the low back or pelvis. Today, Dr. Moriarty wants to educate his patients about a more common, painful but less worrisome issue known as trochanteric bursitis.


  • Trochanteric bursitis: a common type of chronic hip pain as a result of the inflammation of the bursa and/or partial tearing of the muscle insertions that attach to the outer aspect of the hip(Figure 1)
  • More often bothersome than truly disabling, also may be be chronic /recurrent
  • Most prevalent among females age 40-60 years
hip pain running chronic pain

Figure 1


  • Gradual aching pain in outer aspect of hip, also known as the “gun holster” area
  • Pain that radiates down side of thigh to knee
  • Inability to lay upon hip in bed, or pain climbing stairs
  •  Can interfere with common activities such as gardening, yoga, Pilates, tennis, etc.

Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Treatment starts with a proper diagnosis from a board certified orthopedist
  • Usually diagnosed through patient’s complaints, a physical exam and an x-ray of the hip
  • MRI is usually not necessary
  • Treatment may include:
    • home program of stretching/hip abductor strengthening exercises (Figure 2)
    • physical therapy
    • deep tissue massage and sound use of anti-inflammatory medication (topical or oral)
  • Persistent cases may call for a corticosteroid injection
  • Patients rarely require surgery
Figure 2

Figure 2

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