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Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief Tips for Winter Weather

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From slick driving conditions to shoveling snow, winter in the New York area can sure seem like a pain! For many people—especially those with diseases like arthritis—winter is a pain, literally. Doctors believe people experience greater joint pain in the winter because of the low air pressure, which puts greater pressure on the joints. Moreover, the cold weather makes joints feel stiff and can make it difficult to get up and moving for many.

Dr. Robert V. Moriarty, M.D., an orthopedist based in Long Island, has some tips for you to minimize those winter aches and pains.  The doctor’s easy advice? Keep it warm and keep it moving! Here’s how:

  Senior couple walking in winter
  • Bundle up-It may seem obvious that you need to bundle up during the winter, but stiff joints make you more susceptible to injury. Make sure to bundle up for cold weather by wearing the appropriate winter gear.
  • Exercise-Many people gain weight and become stiff during the winter months due to lack of exercise. Regular exercise, especially indoor aerobics exercise like biking or cardio, can help alleviate the aches and pains in your joints. This will also help avoid weight gain, which increases the pressure on your joints and may add to your pain.
  • Stretch- Before you venture out into the cold or hit the gym, be sure to minimize stiffness and improve flexibility by stretching and warming up your muscles first.
  • Maintain a healthy diet- As previously mentioned, weight gain can exacerbate arthritis pain- be sure to monitor your calorie intake during the winter season.
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