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Study Shows Sex-Based Differences in Sports Injuries

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A recent webcast from sports medicine experts sheds light on critical differences between sexes when it comes to sports-related injuries. Specifically, which injuries males and females are more prone to and some of the reasoning behind it. Understanding such distinctions leads to better prevention, care and outcomes of patients. soccer-1457988_640 The article notes several findings that stood out to the researchers in regards to sports-related injuries:
  • Female athletes are at a higher risk for stress fractures than male athletes.
  • Up to 36% of female high school athletes do not get a sufficient amount of calories or the proper nutrients in their diet to sustain the energy needed for sports, which can lead to menstrual dysfunction and increased bone stress injuries.
  • Male athletes have a higher incidence of ACL injuries but female athletes are 2-8 times more likely to get ACL injuries.
  • Females are less likely to return to the sport following an ACL injury.
Particularly, stress fractures are a common overuse injury caused by repetitive activity. Female athletes are more prone to such injuries because of what is commonly referred to as the “female triad.” Basically, the female triad is an interrelationship between menstrual dysfunction (abnormal or absent periods), disordered eating (also known as low energy availability) and decreased bone density. This interplay between these variables can allow females, particularly female high school athletes, more prone to sports injuries.

Studies that highlight sex-based differences in injuries are important for parents, caregivers and trainers to recognize to better meet the needs of athletes, particularly those at the high school level.

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