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Summer Safety Series–Boating

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It’s summertime, and on Long Island in particular, boating is a great way to cool off and have fun outdoors.  However, did you know that recreational boating accidents land thousands of people in the emergency room each year? In 2015 alone, over 4,000 boating accidents were reported in the U.S., the top two contributing reasons being operator inattention and operator inexperience.

In fact, Dr. Robert V. Moriarty, M.D., an orthopedist based in Long Island, NY sees many cases at his practice during the summer months. Dr. Moriarty happens to be a recreational boater and fisherman himself ( as well as a former bay constable) and wants his patients to stay safe out on the water.


Quick Tips for Boating Safety: 

  • Make sure you have lifejackets on board for powerboats and water sports
    • Orange isn’t your color? Many modern lifejackets are fashionable and discreet 
  • Young and/or new boaters should have basic education, not required but strongly recommended
    • Many states now require education/certification
  • Be sure that everyone is seated and let all passengers know when you are about to take off
  • Watersports–turn off motor while people are near the back of the boat to avoid orthopedic injury including dismemberment
    • Idling motors can also expose swimmers to dangerous propeller if throttle is accidentally touched
    • Driver should always have a spotter
    • Watersports should not be done when its getting dark (other boaters may not see them)
  • When docking, stop boat before dock and inch in slowly. If boat is coming in too fast, let it bounce off the dock–don’t try to  use limbs to fend off boat! 
Concerned about an orthopedic injury or just want to learn  a few more boating safety tips? Contact us today at our Huntington, NY location to talk to our staff.

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