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Orthopedic braces and orthopedic splints protect, stabilize, support and correct injuries or abnormal alignment through the process of rehabilitation and recovery. They are used in injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, osteoarthritic care, post-operative care and more.

Braces and splints can be useful for acute injuries, chronic conditions, and the prevention of injury. There is good evidence to support the use of some braces and splints; others are used because of subjective reports from patients, relatively low cost, and few adverse effects, despite limited data on their effectiveness.

Accurate diagnosis of the injury is important in determining whether a brace or splint is indicated. Generally, splints are for short-term use. Excessive, continuous use of a brace or splint can lead to chronic pain and stiffness of a joint or to muscle weakness. However, long-term use of some braces, such as a knee unloader brace, can help prevent progression of pain attributable to osteoarthritis of the knee. Be sure to follow your healthcare providers directions with regard to when and where to use any brace.

Most braces can be obtained “over the counter” but it is always recommended to go to and Orthotist or have a brace dispensed in the office to ensure proper fit. Insurance coverage on these items vary and some of our convenience items are offered as cash and carry as well.

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