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Foot and Ankle

The human foot and ankle evolved over millions of years to allow humans to function on two feet. These specialized structures, composed of numerous bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves, allow for a variety of human endeavors to include stranding, walking, running, and climbing. The ankle and foot are designed to function on level and uneven surfaces alike. Most people enjoy a lifetime of pain-free ankle and foot function.

Ankles can be a source of problems in some persons. Most ankle problems are related to external trauma or overuse episodes, which may involve fractures, tendon injuries, sprains,k ligament injuries, and inflammations. Less frequently, ankle conditions may be related to arthritis or congenital issues.

Most ankle injuries can be managed with nonoperative treatment to include rest, bracing, activity modifications, medications, physical therapy, and occasionally injection treatments. More severe injuries such as displace ankle fractures or Achilles tendon ruptures may require surgical intervention.

Foot problems are not uncommon and may include fractures, sprains, painful calluses, bunions, hammer toes, pinched nerves, heel spurs, and planter fasciitis. Medical illnesses can result in foot problems, as well, leading to swelling, numbness pain, and blood flow issues.

Most foot problems can also be managed through nonsurgical treatments including rest, activity modification, oral and topical medications, judicious use of injections, physical therapy, and foot inserts.

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