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Ultrasound Tech

Ultrasound imaging is an exciting technology offered in the office of Robert V. Moriarty, MD.

Ultrasound imaging is a safe, noninvasive diagnostic and therapeutic tool that utilizes sound waves to assess musculoskeletal structures without the need for radiation exposure. Ultrasound imaging can provide immediate diagnostic information at the time of the office visit to allow for a definitive diagnosis and treatment.

Ultrasound imaging uses essentially the same technology utilized by submarines, boaters, bats, and dolphins. In each case, sound waves are projected toward an object and a transducer is utilized to pick up the sound waves returning from that object. These sound waves are recaptured and constructed into an image. Information about the object may include size, shape, density, and motion.

Intraoffice ultrasound imaging allows for both diagnostic and therapeutic advantages. Diagnostically, many soft tissue and bony injuries can be readily imaged at bedside without the use of more expensive and invasive technology. Common orthopedic problems such as joint fluid collections, tendinitis, and partial and/or complete ligament and tendon tears can often be readily imaged using ultrasound. Therapeutically, ultrasound can be very helpful in directing and localizing aspirations and injections of problematic areas.

Overall, ultrasound imaging has expanded our ability to care for orthopedic patients in a more timely, accurate, and more cost effective way.

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