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Visco Supplementation

Active, articulating human joints require lubrication for optimal function. Remarkably, healthy joints manufacture and maintain their own lubrication known as synovial fluid. This highly specialized viscous fluid provides not only lubrication but shock absorption and nutrition to nearby cartilage cells.

A major component of synovial fluid is a large, complex molecole known as hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is thought to be one of the major lubrcations and shock absorbing molecules in joint fluid.

In joints that have been perviously injured, underwent surgical intervention, or are afflicted with arthritis, the lubricating synovial fluid is often depleted, lacking, or water in nature. The Fluid no longer provides the optimum level of protection from friction and load.

An exciting new concept in orthopedic medicine is the application of a synovial booster fluid composed of hyaluronic acid. The treatment known as visco supplementation provides replacement and augmentation of deplete viscous fluid in the joint. This is known as “visco supplementation.”

Visco supplementation can now be accurately delivered to the knee joint with ultrasound guidance. Which allows for precise placement and better results.

Visco supplementation injections can provide, in many patient, significant measurable functional improvement that can be long lasting and measured in months and occasionally in some patients for greater than a year. Visco supplementation treatments can be repeated typically after 6 to 12 months typically without adverse effect.

There are several brand of visco supplementation currently available. Discuss with your medical provider which visco supplementation product is right for you.

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