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5 Ways to Stay Active During Quarantine

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With the global pandemic of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), most people across the world are quarantining to avoid contracting the virus and to help stop its spread. It can be easy to feel restless from spending so much time indoors, but there are plenty of simple ways to stay active inside. Here are five easy ways to stay active (and sane) during the quarantine. 


  1. Virtual Workouts: Many companies including Peloton and Nike are offering free workout classes or trials. These offerings are a great way to include the whole family in some active fun and introduces a variety of work outs to your newly-found quarantine routine. 

    Check out a few of these virtual exercise options: Peloton, NikeDaily Burn, and The YMCA.

  2.  House and Yard Work: You may be dreading your to-do list, but think of it as combining two activities into one! Doing the home and yard work you may have been putting off can help you break a sweat. WebMD has a list of estimated calories burned per hour for common household chores. 

  3. Yoga and Stretching: Yoga is a fantastic way to improve your mental and physical health during this unprecedented time. Incorporating yoga and stretching into your daily routine is also a great way to ease back into exercise if you’ve been on a hiatus due to your local gym being closed during quarantine. The New York Times provides a great basic yoga routine for you to try from your living room. 

  4. Walks Around the Neighborhood: Whether you’re quarantined alone, with pets,or with family members/roommates, you might find yourself  having cabin fever from spending so much time inside. A great way to keep yourself from going stir crazy is to take walks around the neighborhood with family, your dog, or even by yourself.

  5. Keep Moving During Your Workday: Since many businesses are operating remotely during quarantine, one of the best ways to incorporate activity in your day is to move regularly. You can set alarms to remind yourself to move or take your calls while on a walk if possible. Even simply standing up during a meeting can promote good health, as studies have indicated that there are numerous benefits from standing during the work day. 


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