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The knee is a complex, self-lubricating biomechanical join that provides for mobility, strength, and agility. The knee joint typically provides decades of high-level, pain-free function.

The knee joint is composed of 3 articulating bones to include the femur, the tibia, and the patella. The knee joint has several ligaments and 2 stabilizing shock absorbers known as the medial and the lateral meniscus. The articulating surfaces of bones ends are covered with a specialized cartilage surface.

Although most enjoy years of pain-knee function, knee problems are a frequent reason for patients to seek orthopedic evaluations.

Common treatable knee conditions include fractures, ligaments sprains, meniscal tears, stress injuries, and arthritic conditions. Less frequently patients may present with inflammatory infectious conditions or a congenital problem.

Knee problems can be assessed by obtaining a pertinent history, an orthopedic examination, and upon review of any imaging studies such as x-rays, ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI test results.

Many knee conditions can be managed non surgically through rest, icing, bracing activity modifications, physical therapy treatments, oral mediations, topical medications, or injections.

Injections may include local anesthetics with corticosteroids or viscosupplemention. Surgical intervention may be appropriate in certain cases.

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