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My Achilles Heel

In Greek mythology Achilles was known as the great warrior of the Trojan War who ultimately succumbs to an arrow that strikes him in the tendon just above his left heel.  The term “achilles heel” defines an area of weakness in something or someone that is otherwise constitutionally sound. While many of us mortals suffer metaphorically with our own achilles, others suffer physically from the actual anatomical source.

Summer Safety Series—Swimming and Diving


Summer is here; which means sun, sand and of course, swimming. Swimming is a great way to get exercise and cool off during the hot summer months and can even be great for the musculoskeletal conditions. However, swimming and diving can also lead to orthopedic injury–many of which can be prevented .

In fact, Dr. Robert V. Moriarty, M.D., an orthopedist based in Long Island, NY sees many of these cases in his practice during the summer months. Here are safety tips before you splash into summer.  

male swimmer pool


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